The following choices are available for paying rent to the Association:

  • ALLPAY card that you can use in various shops or at the Post Office. New tenants would normally be issued with a card, but if you need one or have lost yours please ask Grove for a replacement. Please note you may be charged for additional cards.
  • Direct Debit. We can help you set this up through our ALLPAY system.
  • Exceptionally a rent payment can be made by cheque or cash at the office to pay rent arrears.

If you are having difficulty paying your normal rent regularly or keeping to an agreement to pay off arrears, please contact the office immediately so we can work something out together before matters get worse.

If you have rent arrears and have not already been in touch with us, we will contact you to discuss the matter. We may accept an agreement to clear them by payment of regular instalments along with your rent.

If you are a Secure Tenant and you are not clearing the arrears we may:

  • Apply for direct deductions from social security benefits.
  • Seek to recover the debt through the Small Claims Court. Please be aware our Board requires that arrears of £1,000 or more are taken to court unless they are being cleared.
  • We may also seek an order from the County Court to recover the debt and to evict you from your home.

If you are an Introductory Tenant, the process is easier and quicker for us to end your tenancy due to rent arrears (or other tenancy breaches).