Our basic rent is set on a points basis, similar to the Housing Executive. Points are awarded according to the age and type of property, the number and size of rooms and the facilities such as heating. For example, a terraced house attracts 8 points, a living room 3 and a single bedroom 2. For our homes built since 2000, we add points to cover loan repayments on the money borrowed to help build them. This normally makes our rent higher than for similar Housing Executive homes.

The Department for Communities sets the cost of each point, so if your house has 40 points and the cost per point is £1.75, the rent is 40 x £1.75 = £70.00. If you want to know how the rent is calculated for your home, please contact us.

Your rates are set by government and the City Council. A service charge is set to cover our costs for homes where we provide communal lighting and cleaning.

Rent, rates and service charge increases take effect at the start of April each year.