What is tenancy fraud?

Tenancy fraud refers to a situation where a person has obtained a social housing tenancy using false statements or as a tenant he or she has breached certain terms of their tenancy agreement. The result is that people in genuine need of social housing are denied access to properties that should be available.

Tenancy fraud generally falls into the following categories:

Obtaining a tenancy by deception
This includes giving false statements on the social housing application form, for example by falsely claiming to be homeless or giving false information about who is to live in the dwelling.

Tenancy succession
This is where a tenant dies and someone who is not eligible tries to succeed to the tenancy.

Unauthorised assignment
In this case the tenant gives the dwelling to another person who lived in the property with them, without the proper grounds for assignment or without getting Grove’s permission.

Unauthorised exchange
This involves exchanging homes with another social housing tenant without getting the advance approval of both landlords.

Here the tenant claims the property is their principal home but actually lives elsewhere.

In this situation a tenant has abandoned their home rather than terminating the tenancy.

Subletting the entire property
It is unlawful to let out the entire dwelling to someone else.

Giving the key to another
The tenant leaves the property and passes on the key to someone else, whether for money or not.

Purchasing the property
Providing misleading information on an application to purchase the property through the right to buy scheme.

How does Grove Community Housing Association tackle Tenancy Fraud?

Grove Community Housing Association takes tenancy fraud very seriously and will take action to regain possession of properties wherever evidence of tenancy fraud is found. We will carry out checks when allocating homes to make sure the right people are getting them and also checks during tenancies to make sure the correct people are actually living in them.

What can you do to help?

If you suspect someone is a tenancy cheat, please let us know. It could make a big difference to people in genuine need of housing. You can report your suspicions to our office on 028 9077 3330. All information received will be taken seriously and treated in the strictest confidence.